The Creative Life of An Elite Event Planner

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This thought-provoking writing has the intent to help you think about how to make your business better. From the customer service experience to building relationships to considering the future from the perspective of an experienced event planner.

  • Are you looking to find out what it takes to be an event planner?
  • How do you handle a crisis?
  • Do you struggle with communicating with other?
  • How do you build your expertise?
  • Are you wondering where the future of the event industry is heading?


Este libro de estilo sugerente y provocador pretende ayudarlo a mejorar su negocio. Desde la experiencia de servicio al client hasta la construccion de conexiones y considerar su futuro desde la perspectiva de un organizador de eventos experimentado.

•             ¿Quieres saber que se necesita para ser un organizador de eventos?  

•             ¿Sabes cómo manejar una crisis?

•             ¿Tienes problemas para comunicarte con los demás?

•             ¿Cómo construyes tu experiencia?

•             ¿Te estás preguntando cuál será el futuro de la industria de eventos?

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Be Inspired, To Believe, and Proceed

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Book Review

“In Jackie’s graceful way, this book provides thoughtful considerations with simple exercises to guide your thoughts and actions. The seasoned professional and the newbie both will gain insight to improve their business practices.”
Lois Pearce, Master Wedding Planner

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“I thoroughly enjoyed “The Creative Life of An Elite Event Planner” by Jacqueline Vazquez. As a Master Wedding Planner with over 25 years of experience in the wedding industry and an educator. I found this book to be easy to read and understand.  It is full of inspiration, motivation, and action steps to take to become an Elite Event Planner. You can read this entire book and totally understand the requirements and necessary action steps to becoming a successful wedding planner or  focus only on the chapters of interest to you.  I would definitely keep it in my library as a powerful resource.  Jacqueline’s passion for event planning and her love for education shined brightly throughout this entire book.  I would highly recommend reading this educational, resourceful yet very inspiring and motivational book.”
Shelby Tuck-Horton, Master Wedding Planner
ABC Director of Education

Jacqueline shares the road map to start and build an event planner career of success based on smart work and organization. It’s a powerful resource for people that desire to take action and improve their journey to a unique legacy. Based on real experiences, it’s well written and you will find golden tools and tricks to implement.
I’m the kind of person that loves books that teach me something new, not only share stories. This is the book to invest your time if you are looking for clarity and progress.”
Giovana Duiliabe
Founder, Belief Wedding Creators

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Jacqueline ingeniously shares her wise insight on how to truly be successful in the realm of event planning. This book summarizes valuable highlights developed from her many years of experience and allows the reader to be motivated to learn what it takes to excel in the industry. Definitely worth the read no matter where you are at in your career.”
Tracey Fricke, Master Wedding Planner

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