On October 2011, I was selected to teach for the LWPI – Lovegevity Wedding and Event Planning Certificate Program (CWEP).   In addition to the CWEP class, in 2014 I started teaching the Preston Bailey Signature Wedding and Event Design Course.

Had a wonderful class of great future planners.  The motto of my class is that I will teach you about “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” of the industry.  I want my students to be prepared for the hard work, the long hours, and development of great communication skills when working with Clients and Industry Colleagues.  Looking forward to my Spring 2015 Sessions.

Fall PBSWED 2014 Class

PBSWED Fall 2014

Fall CWEP 2014 Class

LWPI Fall 2014 Official

Lehman College Open House – September 2014 CWEP/PBSWED

Lehman College Open House Sept 2014

Summer CWEP 2014 Class

The class was excited and thrilled to have Dina Manzo (It’s My Party, And I Plan If I Want To)


Spring CWEP 2014 Class

LWPI 2014 Spring

Fall CWEP 2013 Class

LWPI 2013 Fall

Summer CWEP 2013 Class

LWPI 2013

Spring CWEP 2013 Class


Winter  CWEP 2012 Class


Summer CWEP 2012 Class

“You were an awesome instructor never weary of the same questions being asked over and over again. You set the example when you talked about patience because in essence you demonstrated nothing but patience with us. Thanks again for sharing and providing a wonderful learning experience.” Shernell Thomas

Winter CWEP 2011 Class


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