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Why a Mentor versus a Coach?

  • A Mentor is a professional who has experience of the area you wish to explore and grow, and who has knowledge and networks which may be appropriate to share as you develop and grow as a professional and a person.

  • A Coach is a professional who will assist to improve how you relate to circumstances in achieving your goals or how to explore new ways of approaching situations.

In my role as a Mentor I will:

  • Identify specific areas in which you will need additional knowledge

  • Challenge you beyond your comfort zone

  • Focus in your development as an individual and as a professional

  • Support you to strengthen and develop leadership skills in a time of rapid change

  • Assist you in your career and professional development by sharing networks

  • Give you time to reflect on the recommendations and track your growth progress.

In your role as a Mentee you will:

  • Be responsible for creating and implementing your own decisions, choices, actions and results.

  • Take the initiative to prepare before schedule meetings with updates and challenges, and to appropriately implement any desired recommendations based on their company brand.

  • Communicate honestly, be open to feedback and assistance

  • Participate fully in the mentoring process being proactive and ready for change and challenges.

 What happens during a mentoring session?

  • Phase 1 – Mentee will complete company evaluation which will be reviewed via our first Skype call.

  • Phase 2 – Evaluate company goals and recommend strategies based on company brand, discuss progress, and identify strengths, weaknesses and challenges.

  • Phase 3 – Create a development plan and assess progress.

  • Phase 4 – Final observations and recommendations. Goals will be reviewed within the selected period. Mentee to decide continuation of mentoring program or other packages.

Desired Outcome

A more confident, organized, focused, driven and growing event planning company.





ISES 2013 Big Apple Award

Jacqueline’s Philosophy

“You can succeed in any career as long as you have the passion, drive, and the tools.”


Jacqueline has made a commitment to shaping and building like-minded professionals, and taking them to the next level. Starting a business in the event/wedding industry is simple, but the challenges start with the growing and maintaining of the business.


Jacqueline believes that if you have the passion to be a professional wedding/event planner, you can definitely do it, but it requires dedication, drive, commitment, knowledge, great communication skills, interpersonal skills, and an amazing A-Team to stand by you. She has collaborated with some of the most amazing and creative professionals in business to form an A-Team “ Mentoring Partners” who can assist you in reaching your goals and dreams.


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