”  Jacqueline, thank you so much for taking over and speaking at my Wedding and Event Planning Class March 22, 2011 at Lehman College .  All the students said they loved it. I know they enjoyed hearing on how you got started in Wedding and Event Planning , seeing your photos and also hearing how rapidly you were able to progress to Event Solutions nominations. That is a great inspiration for us all. I also think they will all be a great addition to your LNG down there. They are very interested and motivated and also looking for some great intern possibilities. I was able to relax at my seminar knowing that you had the class under control and able to provide them with such great information and Ideas on starting their own event planning. ”

Laurie Beckmann, Master Bridal Consultant – A Gracious Event


“Jacqueline has been a very positive influence and is a joy to work with. She comes from the heart and brings out the best in people.“

 Jennifer Membreno, Almond Eyes Makeup Artistry


” You have been a positive mentor, my only mentor.  You’ve been a great inspiration to me and my business.  I admire your dedication and hard work.  I look up to you and you are a true supporter.  You gave me the push I needed throughout the whole process of building my business.”

Rosario Gil, Rosario Gil Events


“Jacqueline Vazquez has been such a great and positive person to me.   She has always been available to me whether I had big or small questions, and she never complained about it. I have been to several events where Ms. Vazquez has taught ,and I learned so much from her. I am so happy to know her and I hope our friendship and business relationship always continues.”

Sherell Brown Freeman – Star Quality Events by S & J


“Jacqueline your presentation on Add On Sales was just exactly what we had in mind for our group.  Your knowledge on the subject was exceptional and we appreciate you sharing your expertise.  Congratulations on being smart enought to recognize and grasp the opportunity to continue your education.”

Nancy Tucker, Weddings Beautiful Worldwide


“The experience I had with Jacqueline Vazquez as an instructor at Lehman College, is one I will never forget.  Every time I went to class, Jacqueline proved she had extensive knowledge of the course and the industry, which made the contents of the book very easy to understand. Jacqueline was not just an instructor she was also a mentor.  When the class at Lehman College was finished, I felt that Jacqueline really prepared me to jump right into the wedding and event planning business armed with loads of knowledge!”

Sonja Jones, Love Jones for You


“Taking the wedding and event planning course with Jacqueline was the best decision I made.  I learned not only in the classroom, but from one-on-ones with the other industry professionals.  She gave us opportunities to network with other individuals and make our dreams of becoming wedding and event planners come true.”

Patricia Figueroa, Memorable Events


“Jackie has been extremely instrumental in my businesses ongoing success. From assisting in my continuing education  as a professional Event Planner with the Association of Bridal Consultants, to now teaching my own students about becoming Event Planners. Jackie  has always been there to advise, answer questions, solve problems and just be an ear to listen when needed.  I am also fortunate enough to consider Jackie a friend as well as my mentor, she has a gift of patience and kindness and loves to share it with others freely.“

Melissa Fife, Events by Missy & Co.


“Jacqueline has been a true inspiration to me and is an excellent role model for everyone in our industry. Beyond her accomplishments and success, her sincerity and genuine interest in helping others succeed motivates you to excel. She continues to encourage education and personal growth and helps build a sense of community. I am grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to work with and learn from her.“

Lisa Marie Blinn, Champagne Lily


If you would like to send your comments to be added, you can send them to .  Thank You…

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